About us

About Us

Blockchain Technology adoption is becoming one of the most important IT initiatives of the current decade, thereby creating a huge demand of Blockchain professionals. Blockchain Technology is disrupting quite a few industries including Banking & Financial Services, Supply Chain, Insurance and Healthcare. The world is estimated to invest upwards of $3.1 Trillion in Blockchain by 2030 and 91% of the global IT infrastructure will be on Blockchain by this time.

SofocleLabs offer the way for universities and colleges to setup innovation hub for inculcating the culture of innovation in harnessing the power of emerging technologies like Blockchain. This is done by integrating content into University degree course curriculum or elective courses. Our course has been designed using analytical and hands-on approach to Blockchain, so as to enable the budding engineers to become proficient Blockchain engineers and architects of tomorrow. Many more such initiatives is the need of the hour to create a better Blockchain ecosystem and be at the forefront of industry 4.0.

SofocleLabs will also cater to the corporate and government sector by providing 2-5 days workshops depending on the need. Workshops and Content can be tailored to specific use cases or sectors like Energy, Agriculture, Supply Chain, Insurance, Banking, Education, Government, etc.

The traditional Blockchain courses are highly pedagogic and lags behind the rapid changes happening in the core technology as well as its applications in the industry. SofocleLabs is led by the Blockchain practitioners with experience of more than 4 years building cutting edge solutions and products using Blockchain. Sofocle Labs provides:

  • A virtual Blockchain Lab that enables the learners to develop and deploy Blockchain apps and nodes. The Lab is powered by Zeeve Platform, a leading Blockchain automation platform in the world.
  • Up-to-date Blockchain courses with Code Repository of industry solutions
  • Capstone project
  • Hands-on training led by Blockchain experts
  • Blockchain examination and industry recognized certification

For more details on Sofocle Labs, log on to www.sofoclelabs.com or write to success@sofoclelabs.com.